Dance through life, career, and relationships

About Dan and Emily

Dan and Emily are two highly motivated people who want to share their thoughts and experiences in hopes that it will accelerate your life to greater energy and happiness.

Dan received a BS in Computer Science in 1997 after struggling through four majors, three colleges, and six years.  He then took a job as a software developer for not-for-profit government contractor, working full-time at that for nine years with a one year stint at a startup during the height of the tech boom.

Emily received a BS with a double-major in Mathematical Physics and Philosophy in 1998 and also took a job as a software developer for the same company, working there full-time for eight years.

In preparation for their wedding in 2000, Dan and Em took dance lessons, which would lead eventually to teaching part time for Arthur Murray, and then eventually to both becoming full-time dance professionals.  Emily is a full-time instructor and Dan is the New Student Director for their studio as well as teaching as much as he can.  Having competed with their students in pro-am competition for years, they have recently begun to compete in open professional competitions.

When they're not dancing, teaching, or writing, Dan and Emily can usually be found caring for and riding their horses, Cricket, Ellie, and Shadow who collectively make up Lead and Follow Farm. 

They also share their home with several cats and one very smart and friendly dog.

Life is full of joy and sorrow and the family, sustained by strong will and great love, have worked through it all and have learned powerful lessons along the way.  Their lives are now shining with light and beauty and they can think of no better use for it than to project it outwards.

In the words of Mr. Universe, and as an homage to a wonderful show: